Many Hopes: Christmas with a Cause

On the first night of September Fashion Week in New York this year, I went to an event at the Jane Hotel hosted by the lovely Canadian model Jessica Stam ...


I recently watched the documentary Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s on a flight and found myself thinking about the connections we make with stores in our formative years as we ...

On the Rise: Cyril Hahn

By the end of November, I will have logged 40,000 air miles in a month, which includes performances on five continents and enough jetlagged adventures to keep me away from ...


Playlist: Trick or Treat Beats

No time of year makes me miss childhood quite like Halloween. As ...

Global Citizen Festival

Autumn in New York is such an amazing time, someone wrote a ...

Love & Paint

Last month I had the pleasure of meeting renowned NYC based artist ...

House of Card

When I was 16 I visited Australia for the first time and ...

Mama’s Got A Brand New (Mackage) Bag

As a Canadian gal living in the US for almost seven years, ...

Playlist: Feel Good Inc.

You know what’s better than being rich? Or pretty? Or cool? Or ...

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Playlist: Guilty Pleasure

“When I’m good, I’m very good, but when I’m bad, I’m better.”  -Mae West What’s your guilty pleasure? Tequila? Tanning? The occasional cigarette? Kissing someone you shouldn’t? No matter how much we know better, we all find ourselves making irresponsible choices now and then simply because sometimes it just feels so good to be bad. […]

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Front Row Recovery

Traveling internationally for two weeks is a little tiring. Following that up with Fashion Week and moving into a new fifth floor walkup is absolutely exhausting physically. If my body was a car, the “Service Engine” light would have been glowing bright red on Monday. I have always considered taking care of one’s body to be a necessity […]

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Remixes on Repeat: AlunaGeorge

There are certain bands that come to prominence as much for how heavily they are remixed as how distinct their own sound is. Lana Del Rey is a perfect example, as she is one of the most obvious go-to artists for producers who want to lend their own flavor to vocals that compliment a variety […]

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NYFW Diary

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m now a contributing writer for Société Perrier! I couldn’t be more excited to be aligned with such a fantastic global hub of culture and nightlife, and look forward to bringing Vagabond readers new and exciting content from my work with them. The below is a reprint of my first article. It’s officially […]

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Bangkok by Day

My visit to Thailand last week marked my very first trip to Asia, an experience I’ve been waiting for for years. Finding myself at liberty for four days in the Eastern Hemisphere, I chose to visit Bangkok as I seemed to have the most second hand contacts in the city, all of which fell through, […]

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Playlist: Gimme Sunshine

Will someone please tell me where Summer went? I’m about to hop on a flight to New York from Hong Kong and I’ve been so busy that it only just hit me that my favorite season is coming to an end. I will be chasing the sun out to Montauk for one last long weekend […]

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So Into Chris Malinchak

One of my favorite jams for seaside relaxation this summer has been NYC DJ/producer Chris Malinchak’s brilliant debut single So Good to Me, but since the song came out ten months ago, I’ve been holding off on featuring him in the hopes of a new release. Finally, he’s been good to us again… And it […]

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Wintering in the Arabian Desert

Last week I flew to Dubai to DJ at Armani Prive, which is located in the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. I arrived to 106°F weather and quickly realized that all the desert activities I’d wanted to pack into my 36hrs in town were not happening. Luckily, Dubai is all about extravagant […]

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Playlist: Wanderlust

In the last five days I’ve traveled from Montauk to Bangkok, with stops in NYC and Dubai along the way. There’s something really great about traveling alone, being anonymous in new cities, getting lost, finding familiarity in the unknown. Those moments on layovers and in the back of taxis, when we find ourselves solo in this […]

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No Need for Speed

As a DJ, I probably notice tempo in songs much more than your average listener. I frequently find myself wishing something was a little faster to make it more danceable, or a little slower and more sexy. With the pitch adjustment on a turntable, you can do just this, but something I’d never considered is […]

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